Nesco Volunteer Fire Co. Station 161


We started our existance in the year 1920.  We incorporated in September of 1921.  The first truck was a used flat bed Model-T Truck. Which had soda and acid extinguishers, water buckets, and sand.  It was purchased from Joe Gatto on July 14, 1922 for the sum of $175.00. The truck was to be payed within six months and no interest would be charged. 

 A Mr. Jones from the American La France Fire Engine Company was contacted by Fire Chief Breder from Egg Harbor City Fire Department to express interest in purchasing a new apparatus. Mr. Jones came to Nesco with the information concerning the new truck.  During the meetings and correspondance pertaining to the new truck, Mr. Jones died of a heart attact.  Chief Breder took over representing American La France.  This took place in Novermber of 1923.  On December3, 1923 it was moved and seconded that a committee be appointed to see Mr. Breder to get the terms and a picture of the apparatus.  The following people made up that committee.  Clarence Herman, Thos. Landi and John Silepena. February 4, 1924 Chief Breder gave a quotation of how much it would cost to outfit the chemical truck.  November 7, 1924 Mr. Breder came back with a more complete price list. For a 20 gallon tank , $98.00 and up.  A two wheel double 35 gallon tank set up, $900.00.  A single 35 gallon tank ranged from $235.00-$650.00.  A vote was taken on the two companies wanting to sell us a truck.  The vote was 15 for the American La France Company and 9 for the Swantz Company.  One February 4, 1924 a check was issued to the American La France Fire Engine Company to go ahead with building our new truck.  The Model-T Fire Engine was delivered to the Nesco Volunteer Fire Company on Wednesday, May 15, 1925.